国家清史编纂工程 The National Project of Qing History

Proposed by Professor Li Wenhai in the People’s Congress and another professor in the People’s Political Consultative Congress, together with the support of the leadership of Remin Universtiy of China, The National Project of the Compilation of Qing History was eventually approved by the State Council, and officially launched in December 2002. Professor Dai Yi was named the director of National Committee of the Compilation of Qing History, and 7 professors in the IQH faculty joined the committee. This great project is further divided into three parts: the main projects (compilation work), the base projects (historical archives and documents) and the support project (database and publication). As the initiator and major academic school of the project, the IQH actively participates in the decision of the framework of the Qing History, serving as central organizer of the whole project. The participation of Qing History Project would hopefully help the IQH to become a greater international research center, an academic exchange center, a greater talents training center, and the greatest information center for the research of the Qing history.