Visiting Scholars

IQH is also an important research unit to host International students and visiting foreign scholars. In the recent 10 years, it has received more than 100 foreign graduate students and visiting scholars from foreign prestigious universities, colleges and research institutes including Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, University of California at Berkley, Michigan State University, Tokyo University, University of Tsukuba, and French Academy of Sciences.

The IQH has established long term and stable academic exchange programs with universities and institutes in US, Japan and South Korea. The greater cooperation has already resulted in more joint academic seminars and more visiting scholars and graduate students exchange programs.

IQH Part-time Professors and Guest Professors List:

Professor Frederic Jr. Wakeman  ( University of California at Berkley)

Professor Philip C.C. Huang  ( University of California at Los Angles)

Professor Peter C. Perue  ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Professor William T. Rowe ( John Hopkins University)

Professor Noguchi Tetsuro ( Japanese Obirin University)

Professor Nakami Tatsuo ( Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Professor Jochen Schlobach ( Universität des Saarlandes)