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Renmin University of China (RUC), directly under the Ministry of Education (MOE), is a national key comprehensive institution that focuses mainly on humanities, social sciences, economics and managerial sciences, combined with disciplines of information science and environmental science. Founded in 1937, it has enrolled more than 170,000 students during its sixty years of history. At present, RUC is comprised of 18 colleges, a school of graduate studies and 2 departments. The institution offers 59 programs leading to the bachelorí»s degree, 112 programs leading to the master's degree, and 74 to the doctorate degree. There are also 25 key national academic disciplines, 8 postdoctoral programs and 12 national key research centers in humanities and social sciences as well. The number of research centers of RUC ranks first among the national higher learning institutions in China.

RUC is actively promoting academic exchange with foreign countries. It has established academic exchange programs with over 100 institutions of higher learning around the world. It is one of the key educational institutions that have accepted international students to China since 1949. Till now there are more than 4,000 foreign students from nearly 100 countries having graduated from RUC. Among those students, 35 were Ph.D. students, 138 were Master's degree students and 237 were bachelor's degree students. Presently, there are more than 700 students from more than 60 different countries.

Foreign students' enrollments are accepted in various courses and degree programs: Doctoral degree students, Masterí»s degree students, Bachelorí»s degree students, senior scholars, general scholars, research scholars and language students.

Categories and Qualifications for Foreign Students

Eligible for Admission to Renmin University of China



Duration of program

Bachelor programs

High-school graduate or above. Pass level 6 of HSK Test and the RUC entrance exams.

4 years


Master's programs

Bachelorí»s degree with honors. 2 or more letters of recommendation by associate professors. Applicants are also required to pass the RUC entrance exams.


2-3 years

Doctorate programs

Masterí»s degree. 2 or more letters of recommendation by    professors. Applicants are also required to pass the RUC entrance exams.


3 years

Language programs

High-school graduate or above.

1-2 years

Preparatory courses 

High-school graduate or above, pass level 3 of HSK test.

1 years

General scholar

At least 2 years of undergraduate studies in the field to be studied in China, or a related field.

1-2 years


Senior scholar

Applicants are required to hold a degree equivalent to a Chinese masterí»s degree. They will pursue studies on a certain subject under the direction of a Chinese advisor.


1 year

Research scholar

Associate professor or above in university.

1 year

NOTE: All students will be attending lectures in Chinese. Those arrivals that are not adequately prepared for the course work must first enroll in supplementary Chinese language courses.

Below is an explanation of the application procedures and fees.


A. Application Procedures:

All matters concerned with the application of foreigners wishing to study at Renmin University of China under joint educational agreements will be handled according to the regulations and procedures of the Chinese Government. However, an individual wishing to study at RUC at his or her own expense may apply directly to the International Students Office of RUC. We warmly welcome organizations wishing to recommend foreign students to RUC.

B. Application Deadline:

The RUC's enrollment period is in the fall term, when it enrolls foreign students in all fields of studies. In the spring term, the RUC will enroll a small number of advanced students, and a small number of those wanting to study Chinese as foreign language. The fall term begins on September 1st and the spring term begins in the latter half of February.


All application materials for students wishing to enroll in the fall must be received by RUC before the end of May.All application materials for students wishing to enroll in the spring must be received by RUC before the end of December. The university will process application after the application deadline.

Every November is the graduate application period. All application materials for students wishing to enroll in the graduate programs next fall must be received by November 30. The entrance exams for master's students will be arranged in late January of the next year and for doctoral students at the end of March. Candidates who have passed the exams will enter the university in the beginning of September.

 C. Application Details:

a) Fill in the "Application Form for Study at Renmin University of China" and the "Guardian's Guarantee", both of which are available from RUC.b) Provide notarized copies of transcripts and photocopies of diplomas for degrees earned. Those who apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programs should provide the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) certificate.c) Provide a letter of recommendation d) Have a health examination within six months of enrollment. The examination must pertain to the items on the form í░Physical Examination Record for Foreignerí▒, which is prepared by the Chinese Quarantine Department, and is available from RUC. A copy of all examination records should be submitted with your application. Please do keep the original documents yourself and bring them with you to China.

e) Application fee of US$ 50, payable to Renmin University of China for processing your application must be submitted together with the application materials. Application will not be processed without this fee. No refunds will be permitted.


A. Tuition Fees (RMB/ per academic year):

Language and Preparatory course student   21,500 yuan

Bachelorí»s degree, General scholar         21,500 yuan

   Majors of law, journalism & international politics    23,200 yuan

Master's degree                 26,500 yuan

   Majors of law, journalism & international relations   28,200 yuan

Doctorate                               29,800 yuan (US$ 3,600)

   Majors of law, journalism & international relations   31,500 yuan

Senior scholar                       27,300 yuan (US$ 3,300)

   Majors of law, journalism & international relations   29,000 yuan

Note: Students should pay their tuition at the beginning of the academic year in September for both semesters. No refunds are available.

B. Lodging Expenses:

There are 3 International Student Buildings on campus for students' accommodation. The cost for a 2-bed room in Building 1 and Building 2 is RMB 62 and RMB 70 per room per day. There are telephone and air-condition in the room. Common showers, washrooms and a study room are available on each floor. A guesthouse is open to foreign students as well. The single room (with one bed, TV, telephone, air-conditioner and a bathroom) costs about RMB 90 per day at International Students Building 3.All expenses should be paid in cash. Tuition should be paid either in US dollars or in RMB on arrival at RUC. Lodging fees should be paid in RMB.

C. Food Expenses:

The university maintains a canteen for foreign students, in which they may purchase meals at their own expense.  


The International Students Office of RUC assumes the special responsibility of recruiting international students to RUCí»s degree and non-degree study programs and offers services to the students enrolled at the university. This includes keeping students informed and advised about academic and other pertinent issues. The office also offers short-term Chinese language programs for foreign students who wish to study in China

Please contact with:

International Students Office

Renmin University of China,

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